Amani Ameur Atrous

May 18, 2021

2 min read

My little girl back from school asked me a serious question.

A: “but mom are we at war?”

B: “I answered her “why my love?”

A: She replied to me, “my friends are talking about the children who are dying in Palestine”

what did I have to say to a 7-years-old girl, I have always treated and spoken with sincerity to my children.

B: “YES we are at war, my Love”

The Palestinian War, TOUCHES EVERYONE

A: She looked at me in amazement and hold me tight, after a few seconds, she said “Are we going to die, mommy? “

To me, death was an honor when it comes to fighting for one’s principles, but what did I have to say to a child, I was silently thinking of a really suitable answer.

She added, “Mommy, you told me about how many women are struggling to have equality, of many associations are fighting to protect children and so many others, where are they now?”

She made a break of some seconds, and she added “ Because they are in silence now. They did not say anything about these children. As I want to have a future and I want to have you by my side, all Palestinian children want to have too.”

I looked at her at that moment, and I was really proud of my girl. I replied, “Don’t worry and don’t be afraid, my love, whatever happens, I live here in your beautiful heart. You are protected, and all children are protected by God, In shaa Allah”

Source image: Mahmoud Moutan